Doctor Luc Vanrenterghem

Recognised Plastic Surgeon

Belgiëlei 169 - 2018 Antwerp

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Plastic Surgeon Antwerp

The plastic surgeon, an artistA plastic or aesthetic operation can change your life. That's why an individual approach is so important, because it shows consideration with your personal situation and desires. In a talk with absolutely no strings attached, the doctor can point out the possibilities and the advantages of a treatment and he will take your specific situation into account.

Doctor Vanrenterghem is an authorized plastic surgeon. You are in the hands of a top-professional with many years of experience. Thanks to his permanent extra training you can take advantage of the most recent new techniques.

The plastic surgeon, an artist

Plastic surgery is an artistic profession rather than an exact science. Each patient has a personal motivation and emotion. As a matter of fact, a plastic surgeon is also an artist. In each operation he has eyes for beauty, proportions and the person. A plastic surgeon corrects nature's mistakes in an individual and professional way.