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  • small breasts
  • loss of volume following pregnancy
  • breasts too small for the body
  • heavy, drooping breasts causing back and shoulder pain
  • flat breasts
  • drooping breasts
  • excessively large nipples
  • inverted nipples
  • loss of breast tissue or distortion of the breast due to cancer treatment.

Breast enlargement, also known as breast augmentation, is recommended for patients with breasts that are too small. A breast implant which has been selected beforehand (both for size and quality) is placed above or below the pectoral muscle and can be inserted via the nipple, the armpit or the fold under the breast depending on the situation in question. This procedure is carried out under general anaesthetic on an out-patient basis (which means you can go home in the evening).

Breast reduction is recommended for patients with breasts that are too large (breast hypertrophy), causing pain in the shoulders, neck or back, or fungal infections in the fold below the breast. Health insurance schemes sometimes pay for this procedure. The breast is reduced in size via an incision running vertically below the nipple and around the nipple. It is usually possible to avoid making a horizontal incision in the fold below the breast. You will usually have to spend one night, or in rare cases two nights, in hospital.

Drooping breasts are a condition in which the nipple sags to below the fold under the breast, without any change in breast size. A breast lift is a procedure in which the entire breast is repositioned higher up on the pectoral muscle. The incision is made vertically below and around the nipple (which can also be reduced in size if necessary). The procedure is carried out under general anaesthetic either on an out-patient basis (you go home in the evening) or with a one-night stay in hospital.

If the nipple is drooping below the fold under the breast, and loss of breast volume has occurred, a combined procedure needs to take place. It involves repositioning and attaching the breast tissue and placing a breast implant below the pectoral muscle.

Inverted nipples, which have either always been present or have occurred after breastfeeding, can be corrected by a simple procedure under local (or possibly general) anaesthetic.

Various forms of breast reconstruction, using the patient's own tissue (both muscle and fat) and/or breast implants, can help patients who have suffered breast deformation. Each situation needs to be thoroughly investigated and discussed.

We advise you to make an appointment to discuss your wishes and requirements.

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