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Alibaba offers 1,594 petroleum coke sieve equipment products. A wide variety of petroleum coke sieve equipment options are available to you, such as local service location


All equipment is performance tested to ensurereliable delivery of quality product. Safety certified to UL 471. Maximize capacity in the least amount of space. Supported by specially trained service personnel. Many models are ENERGY STAR certified, feature. HFC free insulation and contain The Coca-Cola.

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The Filtration and Separation process is essentially one of the most important processes in the Process Industry. The contaminants must be removed from the working fluid medium. It is important to have effective solutions through the Filtration and Separation equipment and solutions should be well supported with after sales supports and site training.

12.2 Coke Production

05/2008 Metallurgical Industry 12.2-1 12.2 Coke Production 12.2.1 General Metallurgical coke is produced by the destructive distillation of coal in coke ovens. Prepared coal is heated in an oxygen-free atmosphere (–coked–) until most volatile components in the

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coke separation equipment rotary screen machine_Rotary sand gravel sieving machine better screening effect Rotary sand/gravel screen is suitable for screening materials with various properties, as well as wet and easily clogged materials suc

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TYHI, a large design and manufacture enterprise of coke oven machinery, provide customers with safe, reliable and eco-friendly equipments. TYHI provide heat recovery, top-charging and tamping coke oven machinery of more than 10 ranges of equipments. With a ...

GN Decanter Centrifuge Manufacturer

What we do. GN provides turnkey solutions for your separation and conveying problem. We can handle your solids, liquid, or mixture of them. Our equipment can separate the mixture material into different phase and pump or conveying to the destination you want. Dewatering Decanter Centrifuge.

Coke dry quenching technical process

After the second separation of fine particles of coke dust, it is flown into the water preheater by the circulating fan to be cooled to about 130℃. And then it will enter into the CDQ furnace for recycling use. In the CDQ technical process, our company can provide CDQ furnace loading device, furnace electro-vibrating feeder, furnace ...

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Coal, Coke, Gravel & Sand Screens

 · ISO 9001:2008 certified worldwide manufacturer of separation equipment including pit & quarry screens to separate coal, coke, gravel & sand. Products include stainless steel, synthetic, magnetic & sandwich screens.

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Coke larger than 10 mm. — no more than 5.0% OTHER PRODUCTS METALLURGICAL COKE — 3-10 MM. Metallurgical coke — 10-25 mm. ...

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Separation Technologies for a Better Future. TM. Your Filtration and Separation Source. Koch Separation Solutions (KSS) offers a growing portfolio of innovative liquid-solid separation technologies for a wide range. of applications including product recovery, concentration, purification, and wastewater treatment. Membrane.

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FASAM CokeBack TM, coke removal unit, consists of a two stage coke and tar filtration from quench oil or water . The first stage is coke separation from the main quench oil stream by using hydrocyclones. From this stage (from cyclones bottom) some portion of quench oil enriched by coke is withdrawn and brought to specially design process filter.

Intecha, Ltd.

Design and procurement of equipment of two unit modifications for coke separation from the quench oil loop of the ethylene plants. The special process filters have supplemented originally installed cyclones, which replaced the existing settling tank, which operation had a negative impact on the environment and health and safety at work.

Separation Vessel Separators. The two-phase and three-phase separation vessels are common equipment in process plants. These are modeled in high fidelity dynamic simulation with volumes, nozzle details, and elevations. One of the important things to note for the separators is the mixing efficiency in the vessel. The default option in many commercial ...

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The invention describes a process and apparatus producing a dense coke fraction from a first particulate coke fraction having a first average density and a first average particle size distribution, stratifying the coke fraction in a density separator into at least two

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Tianli Air Separation is a national high-tech enterprise specializing in gas purification, separation, extraction, purification and mixing. After more than ten years of rapid development, it has become one of the professional gas equipment manufacturers and suppliers


Tianli Air Separation is a national high-tech enterprise specializing in gas purification, separation, extraction, purification and mixing. After more than ten years of rapid development, it has become one of the professional gas equipment manufacturers and suppliers

Filtration and Separation In Sulfur Recovery

 · Sulfur is a major contaminant in the oil and gas industry that exists in various forms and requires separation from both water and process streams. In the many plants that make up the sulfur recovery trail, filtration and other separation processes are important in minimizing process upsets caused by the presence of contaminants. In fact, contamination control through separation is a key …

Ensuring Efficient Handling of Coal & Coke Products

the major equipment Furnace: Lower firing, lower fuel and less coking Compressor: Higher pressure at the suction reduces the gas volume Cycle time: Less coke reduces cleaning frequency Fractionator: Better separation and hydraulic capacity FEED


Application 2: In the production of Polyethylene and Polypropylene, SWECO vibratory separation equipment is widely used in the process. Located downstream from the extruder and cutter, round or rectangular separation equipment is used to remove the "longs", "angel hair", and "streamers" from the plastic …

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production and processing coke oven gas. Alfa Laval know-how, experience and equipment bring you and your company greater peace of mind – as well as lower costs and better performance. 258785_alfa_steel_coke_PPI00061EN 12/6/05 10:07 AM Side 4

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Separation of Core Losses The core loss of a transformer depends upon the frequency and the maximum flux density when the volume and the thickness of the core laminations are given. The core loss is made up of two parts (i) hysteresis loss W = PB1.6 f as given by Steinmetz''s empirical relation and (ii) eddy current loss f 2 where Q is a constant.

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Results for waste separation equipment from 3E, 3WAYSTE, ACA and other leading brands. Compare and contact a supplier near you Reach the pinnacle of performance with TOMRA Sorting''s upgraded X-TRACT, which combines state-of-the-art sensor technology ...

Closed Coke Slurry System

Separation of Remaining Coke Fines (<0.5%) Flushing Water for Cleaning Equipment and Piping Coke Product from Dewatering Bin ... Equipment and Piping Coke Product from Dewatering Bin Quenching Water for Decoking Cutting water Make-up water for 02 ...

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Coke Oven Equipment. Indicon Westfalia manufactures the essentials of coke oven equipment: charging cars, guide cars, quenching cars and locomotives. Our equipment offers a start-to-finish automated, tailor-made, and eco-friendly method of treating and transforming coke into a resource that can be used by downstream consumers.

Liquid / Gas Separation Technology

A knock-out drum is typically used for bulk separation or as a first stage scrubber. A knock-out drum is also useful when vessel internals are required to be kept to a minimum as in a relief system or in fouling service⁵. Gravity separators are not recommended as

Coke Oven Gas Processing Equipment

ZVU Engineering a.s., Member of ZVU Group, COKE-OVEN GAS PROCESSING EQUIPMENT Page 6 As an example of tar condensate separator, the apparatus for processing 180 t/hr tar condensates can be mentioned, having diameter 15 m and height 12, installed in

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Separation of coke grade +80 mm at high-performance vibrating screens. For maintenance of coke oven equipment and coke oven machines at coke oven batteries the provision is made for garages with a set of devices and a repair station. About Awards News ...


Using this app Coca-Cola customers can submit equipment service repair requests Find Equipment On Account This app can be used to request repair on your current Coca-Cola equipment. Learn more. Note: This app does not accept refund requests.

Coke production | giprokoks

Separation of coke grade +80 mm at high-performance vibrating screens. For maintenance of coke oven equipment and coke oven machines at coke oven batteries the provision is made for garages with a set of devices and a repair station.


The invention discloses a kind of separation equipments and separation method of the oil water mixture containing coke powder.The separation equipment of the oil water mixture containing coke powder includes pretreatment system and liquid-liquid-solid piece-rate ...

Coke oven coking process introduction

Coke Oven Coking Process Brief: The coke pusher car takes raw coal from the coal tower, stamps and presses them to coal cakes, then pushes the coal cakes into the coking chamber. The coal cakes are coked in the coking chamber for a coking cycle''s high temperature carbonization. After the coal cakes are totally coked inside, the coke will be ...

Chapter 3 Separation Processes (Unit operations)

23/10/06 ICBPT(cht3Sep)10/01/2009 2 The equilibrium concentration represents the maximum extent a separation process can reach. The thermodynamic basis for achieving separation is that all matters in nature have the tendency to reach equilibrium. The driving force for separation of a component from ...


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Coke oven gas cleaning plant. This combined process package is used for the removal of tar, naphthalene, ammonia and hydrogen sulphide from coke-oven gas. From the cleaned gas, a stream is taken out to produce hydrogen for batch annealing furnace. The coke oven gas is first fed into a caustic wash tower, where the bulk of the hydrogen sulphide ...