tele strings not inline with bridge poles sitaring problem


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Wiring Advice – Warman Guitars

 · Solder small jumper wires between lugs 2 and 3, another between 4 and 5, and yet another between 6 and 7. Solder an output wire from lug 4 to the input lug on your volume pot. Solder the positive + wire from the bridge pickup to lug 3. Solder the positive + …

Low E-String Buzz | Fender Stratocaster Guitar Forum

 · Apr 14, 2017. Location: Alabama. Okay, I am at a complete loss. I have a Fender MIA Lefty Stratocaster and no matter what I do, the low E-String will not stop buzzing. I took it to two different luthiers, had a complete setup, shimmed the neck, had the frets leveled and redressed, adjusted the truss rod, heightened the action to acoustic guitar ...

5-way Switches Explained – ALLOUTPUT

Two common types of 5-way switches... The questions I get asked in response to people reading my stuff on guitar wiring often relate to the 5-way pickup selector switch so I thought I''d write a brief explanation of how it works. Understanding how the 5-way switch on

String Spacing on a Telecaster Threaded Saddle Bridge

 · Its owner pointed out the very narrow string spacing of the 1st and 2nd strings at the bridge. Notice how close the e and b strings are. The first thing I tried was moving the strings apart, into the next slot. This however caused a problem in that the strings were now up against the height adjustment grub screws and were damped by them, so the ...

How to Set Your Guitar''s Intonation: 8 Steps (with Pictures)

 · Need to keep yi small as possible for first string to achieve intonation tuning. If the distances yi between strings and frets are too large, intonation tuning will be impossible. 4. Figure out how far off you are. Fret the string at the 12h fret and pick it. The pick should be moderate, not too hard, not too soft.


There is the fact that string past the nut or bridge can stretch as you bend or press the strings. Since small changes in length lead to fairly large changes in sideways deflection (more towards the twelfth fret, less near the nut) that can lead to a change in what you might call the effective string constant - force needed to achieve a given sideways deflection.

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The Fender Telecaster in the Late 1960s | Planet Botch

 · A switch from flush poles on the bridge pickup to staggered poles, with the two centre magnets raised. The neck pickup, under the metal cover, retained its un-staggered poles. There had also been a revison to the pickup winding process, which had made the pickups more predictable in sound, but on average, lower in output and thickness as compared with the typical 1950s Tele.

How to set pickup pole-piece height — Haze Guitars

 · String output and pickup poles. By raising the screw pole-pieces into an arc matching the string radius, you will even out the distance between each string and its associated pole. That''s all fine. Until you remember that the actual ''influence'' each string can have on the pickup''s magnetic field is not …

Tremolo Bridge Issues.. Tension of strings is pulling …

 · Unlock the locking nut on your headstock, and adjust the claw screws just a little bit each time (1/4 a turn each). Retune your guitar and check the bridge. You want the bridge to be parallel to ...

Will a crooked bridge matter? | Page 2 | Telecaster Guitar …

 · Your Bridge saddles look to me like they are all slanted slightly left towards the Low E. This reminds me of a $79.95 Glarry Quality but charging $2000 for sloppy quality. I would contact someone at Fender and see if they will give you another guitar that is correctly assembled.

Strings rubbing on bridge screws. | Telecaster Guitar Forum

 · I think I got lucky and they were making solid enough contact to avoid causing the sitaring. If you cut the screws, there''s no guarantee that will eliminate the problem. If the string rests on the top edge of the screw, or on the edge of the screw hole, you might still

Reconstructing Breakage Fusion Bridge Architectures …

 · The problem of detecting breakage fusion bridge is challenging, but significant progress has been made in the last few years. Our work suggests that while rare, BFB does occur in tumor-derived cell lines and also in primary tumors.

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Hand Wound Guitar and Bass Pickups | Bare Knuckle Pickups

By adding a separate ground-wire to the Tele neck cover it is possible to wire a Tele set to a 4 way switch, which will give the additional option of both bridge and neck in ''series'' (as opposed to the standard ''parallel'' mid setting). 4 way switch settings are : 1.

Guitar Pickup Installation Instructions

Gibson style pickups or pickups with adjustable poles work best as close to the strings as possible. The above instructions are just a guideline for a place to start with your adjustment, raising or lowering either type of pickup can have dramatic tone and volume results.

Sound Advice: Fixing a Faulty Bridge | Guitar World

 · Bridge and bracing joints, particularly on older guitars built with older glues may fail due to heat and humidity. Bridge or brace work may have shrunk—again, more likely in an older guitar. Whatever is the case, it''s something that can be fixed, though it may not be cheap. Sometimes an inexpensive guitar that falls apart may not be worth ...

Strings not directly over pole pieces

 · (The bridge pickup is slanted to give more oomph to the base and that makes the pole piece distance problem even worse in that position.) So, you''ll find the strings are inside the pole pieces at the neck pup, right at the pole pieces at the middle pup, and way outside of the pole pieces on the slanted bridge …

Blog – Page 2 – Warman Guitars

Be warned not a lot of tech speak used. These switches are used on 3 pickup guitars to give you the classic 5 tonal combinations of bridge pickup on its own, bridge and middle pickups on together in parallel, middle pickup on its own, middle and neck pickups

Three Must-Try Guitar Wiring Mods

 · But instead of trying to coax Gibson tones from a Strat bridge pickup, I prefer a Tele-style bridge pickup sized for Strats, such as the excellent Seymour Duncan Twang Banger. With its Tele-style metallic base plate, it provides tough, edgy tones with more mass than traditional Strat pickups—without relinquishing that fine Fender sizzle.


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Understanding Guitar Grounding And Common Mistakes …

 · If your bridge pickup''s screws thread into the steel plate like ours do, then that should be enough to ground out your strings, since the steel plate connects to ground. Furthermore, double-check to make sure there are no stray ground wires wedged under the Saddle Plate.

Rookie Mistakes: 8 Common Rookie Mistakes Made With …

 · Not choosing the correct pot value is one of the most common rookie mistakes we see. Your Volume and Tone pots are the second most important aspect of guitar electronics – and for a good reason. Putting a Humbucker through a 250K pot will most likely sound ...

What to do when tuners don''t hold tune

 · If it is loose and can not be tightened back down then there is a problem. As you can see from the following pic there is not much more to them. As indicated by the parts, the tuning peg is inserted through the base and held in position due to the matching flats on the sides of the tuning peg shoulder and inside of the round gear.

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I use the, on my Strat, my Tele and my Les Paul, all with good results. I am also pleased that they do not break on me. Always use fresh strings when you set up the guitar and change them regularly. Old strings will always sound dead and muddy, whichever

My High E String On My Tele Seems Very Pingy And …

The cause is that the string is not in the nut properly. Try loosening the High e string, take it out of the nut, and retighten the string ensuring that it is all the way down in the nut.

How To Measure Any Distance With The Pythagorean …

We''ve underestimated the Pythagorean theorem all along. It''s not about triangles; it can apply to any shape ''s not about a, b and c; it applies to any formula with a squared term. It''s not about distance in the sense of walking diagonally across a room. It''s about any distance, like the "distance" between our movie preferences or colors.

Strings for JTV 69

 · Looking for recommendations for JTV 69 strings. Can someone confirm factory strings are DAddario 10s? I like what is on my new US 69 and am seeing NYXLs for like $12 per or $30 for a 3 pack. Personel preference for sure. Just looking for suggestions.

Tele Pickup Height? | The Gear Page

 · 11,870. Feb 13, 2014. #3. for the flat pole, traditional/vintgae telecaster bridge i like: start with your tele bridge pickup height, treble E & bass string E set at 3/32". that''s the measurement from top of the magnet to under the strings, with no fretting at the end of the neck, just a straight measurement. staggered poles might impede 3/32 ...

Compound Radius Necks

 · Compound radius (and flatter fretboards in general) solve the problem of choking on string bends but create another problem, string output imbalance. When traditional staggered pickups are used with excessively flat fretboards or Warmoth compound radius the output level of the middle strings (D & G) are accentuated and the outside ones (E & E) are de-emphased.

Vintage Fender Guitar Pickup Spec Info

Vintage Fender Guitar Pickup Spec Info Terminology • Single Coil Pickup: All vintage Fender pickups are single coil units. This compares to Gibson, which started using double coil (Humbucking) pickups in 1957. Single coil pickups have a single slab of wound

Pickups to String Distance

 · Depress all the strings at the last fret. Using a 6" (150 mm) ruler, measure the distance from the bottom of the first and sixth strings to the top of the pole piece. A good rule of thumb is that the distance should be greatest at the sixth-string neck pickup position, and closest at the first-string bridge …

Guitar hotwire 101 – Studio secrets of the Universe …

 · Problem here is that repelling poles can cause greater bulges in the field outside the coil area. This can be a problem picking up extra noise and affecting the sound of closely spaced pickups. Not a big problem with the Gibson so far since the windings are quite wide to begin with.


 · I had the Parker professionally set up (new strings, intonation, tuning, action, and pickup height) thinking that it would fix this "warbling." It did not. I took it back a few times before he told me that it was a problem with the bridge (Wilkinson floating) and he could

Tele Strings not inline with Bridge poles + Sitaring Problem …

 · Does it matter? Does it effects the output balance of the strings? I''ve got a Flat Pole bridge. Only the 1st and 2nd Strings are a bit off. Maybe this is a good thing to compensate for the higher output of the 1st and 2nd strings??? *Edited + I have sitaring problems in the high B and E...